This past week the long awaited release of Man 2.0 Excerpts from Engineering the Alpha came to fruition and has climbed into the Top 10 of the Amazon Best Sellers list. I am only 40 pages deep, but have already found some great information and insight that everyone, man or woman can benefit from.
Here is an excerpt I found particularly in-depth on page 31:
“Arrogance is assuming that, because you’ve reached a certain level, you’re entitled to certain privileges and opportunities. People who rest on their laurels are arrogant. On the other hand, pride is acknowledging your success but always retaining the mindset of an intern. You have to earn every opportunity, hustle for every success, and prove yourself over and over again-no matter whom you are and what you’ve done previously.
The difference between these two qualities is easily differentiated. Do you talk about your prior successes as a means to create new opportunities for yourself and others, or is it done with the expectation that people will automatically react with reverence and feel humbled in your presence? Are you looking to always word hard-on your projects or partnerships-or are you simply looking for a way to beat the system and receive what you think you should be given?
The Alpha understands that pride is an essential part of self-actualization. You can’t improve yourself and the world you live in if you don’t acknowledge your success. This is change psychology that depends on reinforcement. You need to believe you are good, and the only way to do that is to reference what you’ve done right. At the same time, pointing to prior successes shouldn’t change the fundamental drive to become better or the effort you put in during that process. “

Telling words that everyone can relate too, whether you have seen these behaviors in yourself or others.I’ve seen many grow to certain levels of success only to become entitled. These people lack the same drive and passion they used to reach their success. Entitlement ensues and so does self destruction whether it be professionally, academically, personally, or athletically this change in fundamental drive prevents optimal development.
This book has been chalked full of knowledge bombs up to this point, which combined with Roman’s hilarious writing style has been a very entertaining read. This book is aimed at a male audience, but thus far there has been great information for everyone in Chapter 1, “The Fitness Industry is Completely Fucked.” I look forward to sharing more insight on a book that has been both wildly informative and entertaining to this point. 5f06ff04a87311e2851922000a9e084f_7
“You have to earn every opportunity, hustle for every success, and prove yourself over and over again-no matter whom you are and what you’ve done previously.”

Bornstein, Adam, and Jon Romaniello. Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha. 1st ed. New York City: HarperCollins, 2013. 31. Print.

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Eric Bach is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1) with a degree in Kinesiology Concentrated in Human Performance and Emphasizing Sports Performance from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. A former collegiate Strength Coach Eric now resides in Denver, Colorado. Eric coaches clients at Forza Fitness and Performance Center and trains everyone from weekend warriors and post rehabilitation patients to professional athletes. Eric developed his passion for fitness through a competitive sports career which included competitive Olympic lifting, Football, Track and Field, and Powerlifting. Eric is a self proclaimed fitness nerd who enjoys reading, eating, deadlifting, and living a healthy and fullfilling life while helping others dominant their lives in and out of the gym. Eric can be contacted at for all consultations and questions

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    Loads of great info on your site Eric, I look forward to plenty more!

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