Peri-Workout nutrition, also referred to as intra-workout nutrition is one of the hottest topics in most training and nutritional circles today. Dietary choices around the time of a workout can have profound effects on the quality of a training session as well as the adaptions that take place. Whether your goal is to improve maximum strength, lose a few pounds, or gain some lean muscle mass it is good to have an understanding what you put in your body can do regarding training adaptions.

This article will address whether ingesting carbs post-workout is truly needed to “re-fill” glycogen stores. Personally, when training for pure strength or mass gain I ingest carbs with good results right around my workout.
When leaning up I have had better results ingesting whey protein and refraining from carbohydrates. But enough about me, check this out and leave your thoughts! >>>>>>

Also, if you missed it part 1 can be here here >>



About Eric Bach Performance

Eric Bach is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1) with a degree in Kinesiology Concentrated in Human Performance and Emphasizing Sports Performance from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. A former collegiate Strength Coach Eric now resides in Denver, Colorado. Eric coaches clients at Forza Fitness and Performance Center and trains everyone from weekend warriors and post rehabilitation patients to professional athletes. Eric developed his passion for fitness through a competitive sports career which included competitive Olympic lifting, Football, Track and Field, and Powerlifting. Eric is a self proclaimed fitness nerd who enjoys reading, eating, deadlifting, and living a healthy and fullfilling life while helping others dominant their lives in and out of the gym. Eric can be contacted at for all consultations and questions

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