Recently, I posted about caloric density and the importance it plays in a nutritional plan.Image

Closely related to caloric density is nutrient density, which is most commonly defined as the ratio between nutrients to total energy of a given food. Nutrient dense foods are foods that provide a substantial amount of vital vitamins and minerals relative to calories.

Nutrient density can also be defined as the total ratio of protein, fats, and carbohydrates to total calories in a food source. This can be performed by dividing the total number of calories of a particular nutrient by the number of total calories within a food.

This concept is extremely important as this gives you the most bang for your buck. Being able to get your vital nutrients in without wasting excessive calories will optimize health, body composition, and cost efficiency on your next grocery bill.

Foods that are naturally grown and minimally processed are your best bet for optimizing nutrient density, in other words stop eating fast food, most shit in a box, and alcohol whenever possible. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, and lean meats are all excellent choices to combine for a well rounded, nutrient dense diet. Combine various colored foods and preparation methods to keep meals fresh and healthy.

About Eric Bach Performance

Eric Bach is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1) with a degree in Kinesiology Concentrated in Human Performance and Emphasizing Sports Performance from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. A former collegiate Strength Coach Eric now resides in Denver, Colorado. Eric coaches clients at Forza Fitness and Performance Center and trains everyone from weekend warriors and post rehabilitation patients to professional athletes. Eric developed his passion for fitness through a competitive sports career which included competitive Olympic lifting, Football, Track and Field, and Powerlifting. Eric is a self proclaimed fitness nerd who enjoys reading, eating, deadlifting, and living a healthy and fullfilling life while helping others dominant their lives in and out of the gym. Eric can be contacted at for all consultations and questions

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